Thank YOU!

I want to thank everyone who supported this campaign. It was a difficult year for campaigns, limited from in person meetings. I may not have won the election but a lot was gained in this process. Please continue to stay in touch and expect in about four years, to hear from me again!

I wish to highlight those that were consistently meeting with me for the campaign. I had the fortune of a SJUSD parent and friend, Shelby Berry as my treasurer. A Leland student acting as a campaign manager, Hailey Pham. And when school got in the way, Rose Cunningham took over. I also had a great cabinet including Matt Mahan, Chris Roth, Matthew Quevedo, and Eddie Truong. The community leaders who took the time to hear why I was running and endorse – All of them furthered their support by offering guidance along the way. I cannot thank you all enough.

Many would like to see Special Education better understood by the board, and know that such understanding cannot be taught, but intimately experienced. That was well reflected in others who have lost this campaign. Carol Myers is a retired Special Education teacher and Tamarra Hall is a current Resource Specialist in a neighboring district. As a parent of two sons with Autism, I was the only one bringing that understanding. I will continue my advocacy efforts for all students, and am working with parents currently on distance learning issues in Special Education. I am also continuing to push for a Wellness Center at the Willow Glen secondary schools. Meanwhile, I am regularly attending webinars and discussions with those in the field of Mental Health in public education.

What I want everyone to celebrate is that you were heard. The board is making more of an effort to improve communication. Help the district by doing your part. If you are a family with children in the district, communicate with your site principals what is and isn’t working. If you are a community member, and would like the district to know what is or isn’t working, or a resource the students would benefit from, please contact the district. Their website is at, or the main phone line is (408) 535-6000.

As a community, we need to ensure social justice begins in our public school systems. This involves resources, better funding, and your support. Consider further educating yourself, changing your language choices, volunteering , understanding other-isms, being a participant in social inclusion, etc.

Finally, have more discussions on education. It isn’t just something of concern when you have kids. Our public education systems have not been probed enough to be properly maintained or rebuilt. How future generations are educated we should all be involved with.

Thank you for your support, thank you for listening or reading, and thank you for making Kristen Brown your choice when you voted for Governing Board, Trustee Area 3, San Jose Unified School District.