Ann Ravel
State Senate Candidate and Former SCC County Counsel Obama Appointee to Federal Election Commission

Joseph DiSalvo
Santa Clara County School Board Trustee

Dev Davis
San Jose City Councilmember

“Candidate Brown always does her homework from a 360-degree perspective and comes to the education table with exceptional knowledge on many current issues.”

Joseph DiSalvo, Santa Clara County School Board Trustee

“Kristen is a leader, and student and family advocate. As a leader, she can be relied on 24/7, thoughtful in practice and budgets, and 100% ethically sound. She looks at the big picture, and runs committees as such, seeing the importance of each function. Kristen Brown is someone that will have all interests in mind, and navigates for the best outcome. She is an advocate for education and wellness for all, including the minority, special education, latino community, and those in financial hardships. Kristen Brown NEEDS to be on San Jose Unified School District’s board of education, for the future of the city of San Jose.”

Fran Farokhyans

“I know you will be a fierce advocate for all the students in SJUSD.”

Linda Dionne, Retired SJUSD Teacher

“Our daughter will go to San Jose Unified in a couple of years and we hope to see a bolder and more transparent school board”

Sofia Ganesh, Parent

“I totally support your campaign and think you will do an outstanding job advocating for kids & parents alike…!”

– Dan Dermer